Septic Systems

The AgBMP Loan Program

  • provides low interest financing to farmers, rural landowners, and agriculture supply businesses to encourage practices or equipment that prevent or reduce pollution;
  • helps landowners comply with water related laws or rules;
  • can be used with state and federal cost share or other sources of funding; and
  • has funds available in all counties

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  1. Angie Lipelt

    Environmental Services Supervisor

Septic System Resources from MPCA

Permit to Construct Sewage Treatment System $550.00*

*Type I, II, III - residential, up to 2500 gpd - see full fee schedule for complete listing of SSTS permitting fees

  • Septic Systems in Mower County - click HERE for a brief explanation.  
  • Why it matters: check out this link from EPA to see how your system can impact the water around you!
  • Protecting our water takes good drinking water systems and good septic systems, but what does that mean?  Click HERE for a short guide from The University of Minnesota's Water Resources Center; or visit their website for MORE INFORMATION

diagram of house and mound system in the ground
  1. Compliance Inspections
  2. Maintenance & Guides

When are Compliance Inspections required?  Click HERE for a quick guide to Mower County's requirements

Learn about compliance inspections on new and existing systems - click HERE for MPCA's guidance document on Compliance Inspections and other links for septic system regulations.