Mower County is a "delegated county" of the MPCA's Feedlot Program which aims to improve Minnesota's Water Quality. The MPCA's Feedlot Program rules govern the collection, transportation, storage, processing, and land application of animal manure and other livestock operation wastes. The rules apply to most aspects of livestock management including the location, design, construction, operation, and management of feedlots and manure handling facilities.  

To update your Feedlot Records*, you may download/ complete the Registration Sheet below and email it to the Feedlot Officer, or use MPCA's Online Registration System directly.

*Note: sites that are covered under NPDES Permit should not use this service; please visit MPCA's NPDES and STS Permit page for more information. 

  1. Danielle Anderson

    Feedlot Officer / HHW

Feedlot Forms and Permits

You may use GeoPermits to pay the annual Mower County Feedlot Fees here:

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Feedlot Fees:
Yearly Fee (299 or fewer animal units)$42.00
Yearly Fee (300 or more animal units)$130.00
Permit Fees for New Construction, Expansion, or Modification:
          10-99 animal units $26.00
          100-299 animal units  $105.00
          300-499 animal units  $210.00
          500-699 animal units  $525.00
          700-999 animal units  $735.00
          1000-3000 animal units  $1,050.00


Recertification training for licensed commercial animal waste technicians (CAWTs) to be held at Farm Fest Aug. 4, 2022

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and University of Minnesota Extension will be holding an in-person, recertification workshop for Commercial Animal Waste Technicians at Farm Fest in Redwood County on August 4th. While this workshop will recertify commercial manure applicators and site managers for re-licensure through MDA, it is also open to the general public, including MPCA staff, county feedlot officers, and those that apply manure. Members of the public are welcome to sit in on any or all of the topics.

Besides general admittance fees to Farm Fest, there is no cost for the public to attend the workshop, as no recertification will be issued for anyone who is not a CAWT. For those wishing to recertify as a CAWT, the fee is $20 and will include general admittance to Farm Fest.

In addition to the in-person class at Farm Fest, there is also an online option. This is a self-paced course with approximately 3 hours of training. Registration for this course is $10.00. 

Speakers and topics and additional information on both in-person and online training can be found by going to z.umn.edu/cawt2022 . Contact Brenda Postels, UMN Extension: 320-203-6063 or post0060@umn.edu

Facilities still operating under the 2016-2021 (previous) general NPDES permit

Feedlot owners that had coverage under the previous general NPDES permit were asked to wait to apply for new permit coverage until the MPCA completed development of the online feedlot permit application service. Now that the service is available, owners need to apply for new coverage by September 1, 2022.

Use the link below to access the online feedlot permit application service.