Zoning and Land Use Permits

Zoning Permits are required for the construction or placement of any structure on your property.  This process ensures your property remains complaint with the setbacks and land use activities of the Zoning District you live in.  Placing a structure without a permit can cause your property to become a non-conforming parcel, which can be time consuming and costly to correct.

You may email your completed application and drawing to us at: zoning@co.mower.mn.us

  1. Angie Lipelt

    Environmental Services Supervisor
    Phone: 507-437-9560, ext. 560

  2. Valerie Sheedy

    Assistant Public Works Director
    Phone: 507-434-2639, ext. 639

  3. Mindy Williamson

    Environmental Technician

Permit Fees:

Zoning Permit:
 Ag/Accessory Structure$75
Residential Structure$150
Land Use Permits:
Conditional Use Permit App$600+$46
Variance Application$600+$46

*After-the-Fact fees are TRIPLE the base fee

Access the Environmental Services Map to view features of your property, see approximate parcel boundaries, or sketch your site drawing.  Many other maps and apps are available at the main GIS HUB page! 

  1. Zoning Maps
  2. Ordinance References

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