Child Care Licensing - Forms for Providers

  1. Licensing Checklist (PDF)

  2. Background Study (PDF)

  3. Application (PDF)

  4. Electronic Licensing Inspection Checklist Information Tool (PDF)

  5. Emergency Phone Numbers (PDF)

  6. Emergency Plan (PDF)

  7. Family Child Care Monitoring Questionnaire (PDF)

  8. Floor and Escape Plan (PDF)

  9. Grievance Procedure Sample (PDF)

  10. Keeping Kids Safe Guide (PDF)

  11. Legal Nonlicensed Provider Training Documentation Form (PDF)

  12. Liability Insurance Notice (PDF)

  13. Mandated Reporting (PDF)

  14. Monthly Crib Safety Inspection Form (PDF)

  15. Optional Form for Parent Statement (PDF)

  16. Owner's Permission for Fire Marshall Inspection (PDF)

  17. Minnesota Worker's Compliance Form (PDF)

  18. Physician Directive for Alternative Sleep Position (PDF)

  19. Poisonous Plants Family Child Care (PDF)

  20. Request for Expedited Correction Order Reconsideration (PDF)

  21. Request for Variance Form (PDF)

  22. Request for Variance Policy (DOC)

  23. Request for Variance - Well Water (DOC)

  24. Safe Sleep Standards and Training Requirements (PDF)

  25. Storm and Fire Drill Log (PDF)

  26. Swimming Pool Risks (PDF)

  27. Wading Pool Best Practices (PDF)

  28. Wading Pool Risks (PDF)

  29. Sudden Unexpected Infant Death / Abusive Head Trauma Training

  30. United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Website

  31. Training Log (DOC)

  32. Alcohol & Drug Use Policy Sample (PDF)

  33. Age Group Definitions/Child Care Ratios (PDF)

  34. Allergy Information Form (PDF)

  35. Parent Consent for Swaddling (PDF)

  36. Admissions & Arrangements Form (PDF)

  37. Guidance and Best Practices for Developing Family Child Care Variance Po...

Child Care Training - Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma

  1. Eager-to-Learn

  2. Off-Year Video Training Verification Form

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