Property Taxes

Property taxes are due May 15 and October 15 each year.  Second half property taxes on Agricultural land are due November 15.  Personal property taxes on manufactured homes are due August 31 and November 15.


  • Postmark determines mail payment date. Laws 1996, Chapter 471, Article 3, Section 22, enacted as M.S. 276.017 provide that a United States Postal Service Postmark Qualifies as Proof of Timely Mailing; However Postmark of a Private Postage Meter Machine does not qualify as proof of timely mailing.
  • Taxpayers are responsible for the payment of tax and this is not affected by the failure to provide a statement for a parcel.
  • We are prohibited from accepting post-dated checks. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars by Money Order or Draft from a U.S. Bank or Branch. Draft must have bank’s coded transit number along bottom edge.
  • We do not mail second half statements.

Why Property Taxes Vary From Year to Year (document link)

Why Property Taxes Vary From Year to Year (video)