Public Works

Mower County Public Works Department is the home of the County Engineer, Asst. County Engineer, Public Works Accountant, and Road Maintenance Supervisors. Staff includes Engineering Technicians, Equipment Operators, Sign Technician, and Mechanics.  Public Works also houses the Environmental Services division (including Planning and Zoning), Feedlot Officer, and Recycling Services.  

"Together, we serve the public."

Road Maintenance

Our Maintenance Supervisors and crew are responsible for the care of many miles of highway and numerous bridges and crossings.  The fleet of trucks and operators works year-round mowing, shouldering, patching and crack sealing in the summer, and plowing/sanding through the winter.

Fleet Maintenance

The shop crew at the Public Works Department is not only responsible for the over trucks and heavy equipment used to maintain our network of roads, but also the fleet of almost 50 vehicles used by other county services such as the Assessor, Health and Human Services and the Sheriff's Department.

Now Available:  911 Addressing Application, Driveway or Access Permits, and Moving Permit (OS/OW) are available through GeoPermits online services! 

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If you see an issue that needs attention, please REPORT it here!  

Statute 13.44 Property Data.  Subdivision 1.  Real property; compliant data.  The identities of individuals who register complaints with government entities concerning violations of state laws or local ordinances concerning the use of real property are classified as confidential data, pursuant to section 13.02, subdivision 3.

This form can be used for any of following: 

  • County Road issues: (Ex: street signs-missing or damaged; potholes; debris on road; road or culvert damage/deterioration; trees/brush in right-of-way; silted ditches; flooding/washouts; county snowplow damaged mailbox.
  • Land use, Zoning, or Feedlot issues such as: manure spill/runoff, illegal construction or moving of structures onto property, grading/filling in floodplain or shoreland areas
  • Solid Waste Accumulation or Violation such as: illegal burial or burning of structures, garbage, tires, painted/stained or treated lumber; accumulation of unlicensed, inoperable vehicles, trash.
  • Noxious weeds 
  • Septic System failure or discharge, or installation without permit.