Why should I recycle?

We have to do something with the garbage we produce. In 1990 american's produced on average over half a ton of garbage per person every year - about 3.5 pounds per day.

  • Burning garbage is not the answer. Incinerators are one of the largest sources of air pollution in most communities, spewing gases that contribute to acid rain, toxic metals and dioxins.
  • Common sense - making the most of what we have is an American tradition.
  • It's quick - it takes less time then you think. A recent study done for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showed that the total time used by a household is only 73 minutes per month. You can make a profit on it by selling aluminum. Recycling also saves on natural resources.
  • No more space - landfill space is very limited.
  • Safety first - Even if all landfills were available, they'd be health and safety hazards. Most landfills were built before safety standards became a priority. They are not equipped to stop toxins from seeping into the groundwater.

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3. Why should I recycle?