Recycling & Household Hazardous Waste

Planning & Zoning Information

2019 Noxious Weed Control Notice

Transportation Improvement Plan - March 2016


County Map      
2019 Road Postings Map      
2019 Road Postings Resolution      
County road plans and right of way maps      
Permits & Applications
Moving Permit      
Application for Access (Driveway/Entrance)      
Utility Permit - Cover Letter      
Utility Permit - Right-of-Way Ordinance      
Utility Permit - Restoration Plates      
Utility Permit - Right-of-Way Fees and Charges      
Utility Permit - Permit Forms      
Spraying Refusal Form
List of Septic Contractors      
Septic Loan Packet      
Property Transfer Agreement Form      
New E911 Address Form      
Zoning Application      
Septic Application      

Planning & Zoning Information

Mower County Zoning Maps - By Township
Adams Austin Bennington Clayton Frankford    
Dexter Grand Meadow Lansing LeRoy Lodi    
Lyle Marshall Nevada Pleasant Valley Racine    
Red Rock Sergeant Udolpho Waltham Windom    


Planning Permits          
Conditional User Permit Application   $500.00 + $46.00 Filing Fee      
Variance Application   $500.00 + $46.00 Filing Fee      
Re-Zoning Application   $500.00 + $46.00 Filing Fee      
Change of Non-Conforming Use   $500.00 + $46.00 Filing Fee      
Platting   $500.00      
Zoning Permits          
                     Ag/Accessory Structures   $75.00      
                      Residential Structures   $150.00      
Environmental Health Permits          
Permit to Construct Sewage Treatment System   $500.00      
Yearly Fee (299 or fewer animal units)   $42.00      
Yearly Fee (300 or more animal units)   $130.00      
New Feedlot Fees:          
          10-99 animal units    $26.00      
          100-299 animal units     $105.00      
          300-499 animal units     $210.00      
          500-699 animal units     $525.00      
          700-999 animal units     $735.00      
          1000-3000 animal units     $1050.00      
Penalties for After-the-Fact Permits          

Planning Commission & Board of Adjustment - Meeting Minutes Archive

Mower County Buffer Ordinance  
May 12 2015 Proposed Interim Ordinance - Re: Solid Waste  
Mower County Zoning Ordinance - updated 5-16-18  
Mower County Septic (ISTS) Ordinance  Adopted/Effective 2-4-2014  
Subdivision of Land 13-1  
Solid Waste Point System - Adopted 8/2/2016 - Effective 1/1/2017  
April 2017 Ordinance Hearing  
Mower County DRAFT Solid Waste Ordinance  
Proposed Fees  
SONAR Appendix A. Existing Solid Waste Ordinance I-92  
SONAR Appendix B. SKB Parcel Map  
SONAR Appendix C. LBG Landfill Review  
SONAR Appendix D. (Meeting minutes - copy available upon request)  
SONAR Appendix E. Karst-poster  
SONAR Appendix F. MPCA Report to the Legislature  
SONAR Appendix G. Financial Assurance  
SONAR Appendix H. Washington County Landfill  
SONAR Appendix I. G Fred Lee Report  
SONAR DRAFT - Statement of Need and Reasonableness  
Water Management  
Ten-Year Mower County Water Plan  
          Board Resolution Approving Water Plan  
          Mower County Local Water Management Plan: 2006 - 2015  
Woodstove Use Brochure  
2011 DNR Shoreland Activity Report  
2011 Annual Feedlot Performance Credit Report  
2011 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) Allocation  
2011 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) Funding Report  
2011 Wetland Conservation Act Report  
2012 Natural Resources Block Brant (NRBG) Allocation  
2012 Annual Feedlot Performance Credit Report  
2012 SSTS Accelerated Implementation Grant Report  
2013 BWSR Grant - Shoreland Report  
2013 BWSR Grant - Feedlot Report  
2013 BWSR Grant - SSTS Report  
2013 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) - Feedlot  
2013 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) - Shoreland  
2013 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) - WCA  
2013 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) - LWM  
2013 Natural Resources Block Grant (NRBG) - SSTS  
2015 Annual Feedlot Performance Credit Report  
2016 Annual CFO Report  
2016 CFO Financial Report  
2016 CFO Supplemental Information Page  
2016 Septic Base Grant Report  
2016 Septic Incentive Grant Report  
2016 Shorland Grant Report  
2017 CFO Annual Feedlot Report  
2017 CFO Supplemential Information  
2017 County Feedlot Financial Report  
2018 County Feedlot Financial Report  
2018 CFO Annual Feedlot Report  
Northern Country Cooperative EAW  
Clean Water, Land and Legacy Stories  

2002 Mower County Comprehensive Plan

The compete plan has been broken into sections for ease of downloading
    Cover Page
1.   Intro Pages
2.   Introduction
3.   Background
4.   Assumptions & Projections
5.   Planning Goals
6.   Land Use Element
7.   Transportation Element
8.   Economic & Housing Element
9.   Environmental Protection Element
10.   Waste Management Element
11.   Public Services Element
12.   Implementation Plan

Pleasant Valley 161 kV Transmission Line and 34.5/161 kV Substation Project


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