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The list of taxpayers with delinquent 2018 property taxes in Mower County will be published in the county's official newspaper for legal notices on Saturday, March 16, 2019.  Taxpayers who pay their delinquent 2018 property taxes in full (tax, penalty, interest, fees) by the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 will not be included in the publication.  Payment must be received in the Mower County Auditor-Treasurer's Office (located at 201 1st Street NE, Austin, MN) by 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 to avoid appearing in the delinquent tax listing.  A payment postmarked March 13, 2019 will not be considered as timely paid in order to avoid being included in the published tax delinquency listing.

Access Property Tax Statements

Mower County’s tax statements are available through our public interactive GIS site.  You can access the site HERE and select the link "Public Interactive GIS Map".

How to use the Interactive GIS to access a tax statement
For help on how to use the GIS site email, or call 507-437-9527 for  assistance. 

For help locating a Tax Statement, or have a question about taxes?  Email, or call 507-437-9456 for assistance.


Delinquent Tax List  

Instructions for using the Delinquent Tax List in Adobe format

You can search for a particular parcel by name, address or parcel number ( in Adobe.  To begin a search, start with your cursor at the beginning of the document.  Choose Edit from the Menu Bar and choose Find, or use the shortcut Ctrl + F, and enter the name or parcel number you wish to locate.  Then you can either hit Enter or click on the Next arrow.  If you should happen to be in the middle of the document when you begin a search, you will need to press the Previous or Next arrows accordingly.  This will take you to the parcel.  Note that the Delinquent Tax List is in order from oldest to newest delinquent year.  Therefore, to ensure all delinquent years are accounted for, click the Next arrow to search through the remaining document for additional delinquent taxes. 
If you receive this message:  “Acrobat has finished searching the document.  The find item was not found,” then that parcel does not have delinquent taxes or you have reached the end of the document.  To be sure, check that the number has been entered correctly
These lists will be updated daily for use.  Please note the payoff date or report date in the upper right corner of the report to ensure you have the correct list.  If you should have any questions about the information on this list, please contact our office at 507-437-9456

If the delinquent tax list is not updated for the current month, please call our office for an accurate payoff amount.


Authorization for Mower County Direct Payment Plan

Sign up today to participate in Mower County's direct payment plan for real estate taxes.  The direct payment plan is free, dependable and convenient.  To take advantage of this service, you simply need to fill out the following form and submit to the Mower County Auditor-Treasurers Office.  Direct payment plan form


Plat Listing

We have also added a plat listing to help you in finding your parcel on this list should you not have a parcel number.  This plat listing will tell you the first five numbers of the parcel number, the subdivision it represents, and the city in which it lies.  If you should have additional questions on this list, please give our office a call at (507) 437-9456.


Schedule of Penalties for Late Payment of Property Tax

 To avoid a penalty, envelopes must be postmarked by the due date to be considered paid on time.  If you pay your first half and second half property tax after the due dates, a penalty will be added to your tax. The later you pay, the greater the penalty you must pay. This table shows the penalty you will pay if your property taxes due are not paid before the date shown:

Tax Schedule

If the due date for your second half property tax payment is November 15th and your property is classified as agricultural homestead property, the penalty rates for late payments are: 6% if you pay from November 16th through November 30th;   8% if you pay from December 1st through January 1st; and 10% if you pay on January 2nd, or later.
If the due date for your second half property tax payment is November 15th and your property is classified as agricultural non-homestead property, the penalty rates for late payment are: 8% if you pay from November 16th through November 30th ; 12% if you pay from December 1st through January 1st; and 14% if you pay on January 2nd, or later.
If you own both a farm and another type of property, a home in town for example, the November 15th due date applies only to the property taxes on your farm property. The property taxes on your other property are due October 15th. The special law does not apply to first-half property taxes. First-half property taxes on all property, including farm property, are due May 15th.

Note to manufactured homeowners:  The title to your manufactured home cannot be transferred unless all current year and delinquent personal property taxes are paid at the time of transfer.
NOTE: The taxes for personal property located on leased government-owned land may be paid in two installments which are due at the same time as real property taxes, and which are subject to the same penalty schedule and penalty rates as real property taxes. All other personal property taxes are due in full on or before May 15th.


Important Additional Notes:

- Taxpayers are responsible for the payment of tax and this is not affected by the failure to provide a statement for a parcel.
- We do not mail second half statements.
- Payment - We are prohibited from accepting post-dated checks. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars by Money Order or Draft from a U.S. Bank or Branch.  Draft must have bank's coded transit number along bottom edge.
- Postmark determines mail payment date.  Laws 1996, Chapter 471, Article 3, Section 22, enacted as M.S. 276.017 provide that a United States Postal Service Postmark Qualifies as Proof of Timely Mailing; However Postmark of a Private Postage Meter Machine does not qualify as proof of timely mailing. 


Levy Forms for Townships and Cities

Resolution Adopting Proposed Tax Levy - Cities        
Proposed Levy Certification for Cities     
Levy Certification for Cities  
Levy Certification for Townships        
Completed forms may be mailed, faxed, or dropped off at office.      

Auditor/Treasurer's Office
201 1st Street NE, Suite 7
Austin, MN  55912

(507) 437-9535  fax: (507) 434-2646


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