The County Assessor is responsible for equalization of assessments throughout Mower County.  The Department accomplishes this by listing, classifying, and valuing all property subject to the property tax.  Most of the activities performed by the Department are requirements of State law.  

The County Assessor administers the assessment for the County, including supervision of Department staff.  This includes advising the local jurisdictions on assessment matters, conducting statistical studies to test the accuracy of the assessment ratios, providing programs, procedures, policies, and maps to assist, preparation of appraisals and supporting documentation for the County Board for equalization and Tax Court appeals, and advising the County Board of the uniformity of assessments to accomplish county-wide equalization.  

In addition, the County Assessor provides all appraisal and assessment services required within the Unorganized Townships of the County and all organized jurisdictions who contract with the County for assessment services.  This includes periodic reappraisals of parcels located within each taxing district, inspection of all changes to each property which may affect its value, administration of the homestead and other classifications, processing of splits and consolidations of property, reviewing valuation and classification appeals from taxpayers, and assisting the Local Boards of Review in evaluating appeals.  

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Local Boards of Appeal & Equalization and Open Book Meeting 2018

Property owners will soon receive a Notice of Valuation and Classification for Taxes Payable in 2019. This form is to notify you of the market value and classification of your property for assessment year 2018. The property taxes that you pay in 2019 will be based on this classification.

Listed below are the dates and times of the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization. Also listed is a date and time for an Open Book Meeting for 2018. If you believe that your valuation and classification are correct, it is not necessary to contact your assessor and/or attend any of the listed meetings.

If the property information is not correct, if you disagree with the values, or if you have questions about your notice, please contact your assessor first at (507) 437-9440 to discuss any questions or concerns.

Property owners are encouraged to attend the meeting if you have concerns regarding classification or value to have a one on one discussion with the assessor. Often your issues can be resolved at this level. The assessor will advise you of your further appeal rights, if needed.

Read your notice carefully for all your appeal options.
Open Book  
April 16th - June 8th from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm at the Mower County Assessor's Office
201 1st Street NE, Suite 10, Austin - 507.437.9440 - (Appeal in person or by phone)
21 - Adams City 29 - Racine City 04 - Clayton Township
22 - Brownsdale City 30 - Rose Creek City 05 - Dexter Township
23 - Dexter City 31 - Sargeant City 07 - Grand Meadow Township
24 - Elkton City 32 - Taopi City 08 - Lansing Township
25 - Grand Meadow City 33 - Waltham City 12 - Marshall Township
26 - LeRoy City   13 - Nevada Township
27 - Lyle City   17 - Sargeant Township
28 - Mapleview City   19 - Waltham Township
Local Board - (Please note time changes)
Jurisdiction Date Time Location of Meeting
18 - Udolpho Towhship April 16th 10:00 AM Town Hall, Sec. 28
20 - Windom Township April 16th 1:30 PM Rose Creek Council Room
02 - Austin Township April 17th 10:00 AM Town Hall, Sec. 22
11 - Lyle Township April 17th 1:30 PM Town Hall, 108 Oak St., Lyle
16 - Red Rock Township April 18th 10:00 AM Town Hall, Sec. 21
14 - Pleasant Vally Township April 18th 1:30 PM Town Hall, Sec. 22
06 - Frankford Township April 19th 10:30 AM Town Hall, Hwy 16, Sec. 21
15 - Racine Township April 19th 1:00 PM New City of Racine Council Room
03 - Bennington Township April 19th 3:00 PM Town Hall, Sec. 14
01 - Adams Township April 20th 10:30 AM Adams Emergency Services Building
10 - Lodi Township April 20th 1:00 PM Town Hall, 106 Walnut St., Taopi
09 - LeRoy Township April 20th 3:00 PM Town Hall, North Edge of Town
34 - Austin City May 4th 10:00 AM Government Center Building, Eastview (SE Corner 1st Floor) - Rm 171
County Board      
County Board June 11th 6:00 PM Government Center Building, Board Room (Lower Level)
                                Note:  If you have a local board of review you must appeal there before appealing to the County Board of Review.

Preparing an Appeal to your Local Board of Equalization

How the Assessor Estimates your Market Value

My House is Worth What?


Homestead Market Value Exclusion - MPR Video

MPR News has produced a short online video that explains the switch from Homestead Market Value Credit to the Homestead Market Value Exclusion - and how this will likely affect property taxes.


Internet Access for Mower County Appraisal Information

Mower County is pleased to announce the Internet Access for out appraisal and tax information is now ready to use.  The homepage may be viewed at

The 'Basic Search' allows a site visitor to search by address or parcel number.  Viewers of a parcel will see a picture (if available), the parcel number, address, legal and the current value information.

The 'Advanced Search' is available to a visitor by the purchase of a subscription.  Subscribing viewers may search by address, parcel number, legal, deed holder name or contract buyer name.  Parcel information available to subscribers includes a picture (if available), the parcel number, deed holder name, contract buyer name, address, legal, current value, building value information, yard extra information, sale information, tax information, and a sketch.

Subscription Information

Subscriptions may be purchased in two ways- an annual subscription or a daily subscription. Annual subscriptions can be purchased for $200 and are good for the calendar year.  Daily Subscriptions are $10 for a day pass, which expires at the end of the day in which the pass is purchased.  Please call 507-437-9440 if you would like to purchase a subscription.


Homestead Applications      
Homestead Application Form - 2018      
Ag Use Form      
Special Homestead Application (Blind or Disabled)      





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